Data Technology Ltd

Our aim is to solve your business problems with data.

For over 30 years, Data Technology has been helping customers transform their business with Data. We have helped over 250 companies, across all industries, adopt Business Intelligence, Visual Analytics and Machine Learning solutions.

With 90% of all data ever recorded having been collected in the last two years, the benefits of visualising and analysing this information have never been greater. As a leading partner to the World’s most innovative companies, Data Technology is perfectly positioned to help your business scale with end-to-end data management and strategic consultancy.

Interested in becoming a data-driven enterprise? Contact us now to harness the power of your data today.

Where we can help:

Strategy – We help enterprises build Data and Machine Learning strategies in line with their business goals and objectives.

Consulting – Data Technology’s Consulting Services help enterprises to rapidly design and deploy applications using Agile methodologies.

Cloud Services – With our elastic cloud and hybrid cloud offerings we help companies drive infrastructure cost efficiencies.

Solutions and Services we provide:

• Data Strategy
• Business Intelligence
• Proof of Value / Concepts
• Advanced Analytics
• Data Integration
• Machine Learning
• Data Quality
• Continuous Improvement
• Master Data Management
• User Adoption Services
• Managed Support Service