Constellation Consulting Group

Better Insight. Higher Performance
Controlling an entire organization becomes smoother when you have the most important performance metrics at your fingertips and your disparate management systems work as one. Constellation partners with clients to create and implement solutions—on cloud or on-premises—that deliver end-to-end enterprise performance management. Our solutions provide the information and the intelligence you need to improve your planning, budgeting, reporting, consolidation, and financial analysis.

Committed To The Success Of Our Customer
We’ve been where you are. Many times, in many locations, in many industries. We understand your world because we’ve lived and thrived in it. Our experiences define our empathic approach and our leadership tenets. It drives our passion and melds our diverse stars into one brilliant Constellation, providing business guidance wherever it is needed.

Business Navigation Made Simple
Like heavenly constellations that provide seafarers with navigational assistance, Constellation Consulting Group offers businesses today the guidance to steer safely across the choppy seas of changing industry scenarios, market trends, customer behavior, and geo-socio-politics.

We provide Advisory, Implementation, Managed Services, and Training for Enterprise Performance Management Solutions across various Industries. Look to us for incisive insights about your own business’s performance, market trends, customer behavior. Leverage our 2+ decades of industry-wide consultative experience in Enterprise Performance Management to identify opportunities and build strategies to exploit them.

Shining a Guiding Light
Constellation’s vision is to be the best in what we do: help our clients become better performing organizations for their shareholders, employees, customers, and communities. We do this by living up to our name. Just as individual stars come together to form constellations; our own consulting stars add their individual brilliance to create veritable constellations that shine a guiding light for our clients, helping them safely navigate the ever-changing seas of business.