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Jedox Webinar

What will you learn:

  • Beyond budgeting – business agility in practice

  • ETEX case study on moving to beyond budgeting

  • Leveraging beyond budgeting principles for resource flexibility

  • The importance of technology for better and beyond budgeting

  • FP&A transformation enablers

  • Conclusions and recommendations

  • Q&A

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From Traditional to Better and Beyond Budgeting

It is commonly agreed that the traditional budgeting process is time-consuming and costly. It rarely focuses on strategy and adds little value. Although traditional budgets have evolved over the years, they can hardly meet the challenges of the modern economic and business environment. Join our global discussion on whether Beyond Budgeting is the best alternative. In this webinar, we will discuss whether it is realistic to abandon the budget and transform the whole process.

  • Organizers

    FP&A Board and Jedox

  • Duration

    1,5 h

  • Language


  • Speakers

    Franz Röösli, Professor and Head of Institute for Organisational Viability at ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences
    Guillaume Verbiest, Head of Finance Transformation and Performance Management at Etex
    Benjamin Pompe, Head of Pharma Finance Switzerland at Bayer (Schweiz) AG
    Jochen Heßler, Director Center of Excellence at Jedox
    Bernard Drui, Managing Director at Protiviti
    Hans Gobin, Experienced FP&A Leader and International FP&A Board Ambassador (Discussion Facilitator)