Customer Success Story:

ServiceMaster (EN)

Making AI approachable for FP&A and business users

ServiceMaster is a Fortune 1000 company that has provided essential home and commercial services for over 90 years. The Terminix brand of ServiceMaster alone has over 2 million customers, who can own any number of different products and services. Other customer variables include diff erent frequencies, payment methods, geography, climate, and application methods. Individual work orders and technician behaviors also come into play.

“Using AI, we have gained quicker insights with a higher confidence into relevant customer features – not only looking at financial measures but also looking at customers from an HR perspective or a marketing perspective. With faster predictions we can utilize the results that much quicker to determine any changes to our business processes, make those changes, and begin to see results even faster yet.”

Jamie Cousin, FP&A Manager, ServiceMaster

“Jedox gives a clearer, easier path to get started with AI instead of having to work from the ground up and needing specialized data scientists or developers on your staff. We have the ability to feed a dataset to the Jedox AI engine and then the ‘magic’ happens accessing pre-built algorithms based on industry-standard AI libraries. With Jedox, the finance department gains a direct solution pathway to information that it could not access before.”

Kevin Kennedy, Business Systems Manager, Terminix, a ServiceMaster Brand