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Qlik® & Jedox

Combine Qlik® and Jedox for Integrated Enterprise Planning and Performance Management

Data and analytics experts in finance, sales, and other business functions are already transforming their business with Qlik®.

Yet 79% of companies state that planning and performance management involving all functions across the organization are still disconnected and based on disparate data, systems, and offline Excel spreadsheet calculations. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that planning stakeholders complain about inconsistent, or sometimes even inaccurate, results and data that is often outdated before plans, budgets, and targets are even finalized.

This Factsheet will show Benefits of the Qlik® & Jedox Combination

  • Simplifies Planning Processes
  • Integrates Analytics and Performance Management
  • Unleashes more Agility and Efficiency Throughout the Business

Download the free factsheet on “Qlik® & Jedox” and discover this combination for Integrated Enterprise Planning and Performance Management.

See how our customers Dätwyler Cabling Solutions, Gruner Group and Swiss-Ski profit from Qlik® and Jedox.