Customer Success Story:

Prediger (EN)

Shedding new light on products and vendors: Prediger simplifies reporting with Jedox

Prediger provides exclusive designer lamps, technical lighting and light consulting services throughout Germany. The company founded in 1921 offers over 25,000 different articles from its large online shop and showrooms in Hamburg and Berlin.

Prediger chose Jedox as a stable, flexible solution to report and analyze product and manufacturer information in various systems. The solution delivers current information on more than 25,000 articles, delivery times and inventory and automatically updates this data in the online shop. With the help of Jedox, the company has efficiently streamlined its data management processes.

“With Jedox, we found a solution that optimally adapts to our current database environment. We had a really good feeling about Jedox and its experience following the workshops – and quickly realized our instincts were right during the implementation.”

Jörn Hildebrandt, Commercial Director, Carl Prediger GmbH & Co. KG