Customer Success Story:
O2 IT Services (EN)

Jedox Provides Cost Model Solution to Telecom Giant O2

O2 IT Services runs a complex ICT service for its corporate customers providing them with detailed cost calculations. Excel had been used for this purpose resulting in considerable manual adjustments, an increase of errors due to manual processes, and long processing times with an intense updating
e ffort. In collaboration with Trask solutions, Jedox partner Noctuint implemented Jedox to provide an extensive cost model at O2 IT Services….

“Our first experience with Jedox shows that we can respond with great flexibility to our customers‘ requirements and significantly reduce error risks”, said Petr Havránek, Manager Support Services at O2 IT Services.

At a glance: 

  • Industry: Telecommunications, Technology (Mobile Network Operator/ICT)
  • Department: Finance, IT
  • Solution: Automated data consolidation for integrated cost model solution
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