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The Next Wave in Budgeting & Planning Solutions (EN)

Jedox Webinar

What will you learn:

  • Which business needs are driving the market for better solutions

  • What new capabilities are part of performance management plus and how they can help your planning initiatives

  • How to make sure the vendor you are considering can meet both your basic and advanced performance management requirements

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Discover What’s New in Performance Management

Performance management solutions have been around for many years now and have done a solid job of automating routine budgeting, planning, and forecasting tasks. However, business needs have been evolving over time and older solutions haven’t been able to keep up. More modern solutions are now available that can in fact address the expanded requirements of today’s CFO and Finance team. We call this category of solutions Performance Management Plus.

Join BPM Partners, Jedox and Netafim:

Join Craig Schiff from BPM Partners, Ed Gromann from Jedox, Aviv Kurz and Liron Ezra from Netafim as they discuss the future of Performance Management!

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    60:00 min

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    Shannon Fassrand
    Craig Schiff
    Ed Gromann