Customer Success Story:

Mitsui Chemicals Europe (EN)

Reliable Sales Forecast with the Jedox AI-Engine

Mitsui Chemicals Europe GmbH increases forecast accuracy with AI and predictive analytics.They upgraded their existing Jedox planning environment with the Jedox AI engine. Their focus is on sales forecasting.Their focus is on sales forecasting. The Jedox AI module „Predictive Forecast“ supports the 12-month rolling sales forecast with AI-generated predictions. They saw a dramatic increase in forecast accuracy, in some instances to 95 percent after just a few months.

“With Jedox AIssisted™ Planning, we can plan at a level of detail that was not possible before. With the AI engine, we can achieve very accurate forecast values and also see a lot of potential for further optimization and automation”

Sascha Geng, Director Performance Controlling, Mitsui Chemicals Europe GmbH