Jedox Social Analytics

Jedox Social Analytics offers easy insights into the complex world of social media. With one click you can see the impact of your campaign filtered by region, language or time, learn what’s trending in your desired region or compare your brand to multiple competitors. Predict the success of future campaigns by combining social media data analysis with your business data. Keep track of how your brand or campaign is represented on Twitter. Jedox Social Analytics enables you to trace your social media presence with integrated sentiment analysis returning a positive/negative value for every single social media entry.

Jedox Social Analytics demonstrates how easy and fast Jedox makes Big Data analysis:

  • Every analysis made in Jedox’s online showcase is based on rapid analysis of over 250 million entries.
  • Jedox Social Analytics data cube is updated in real-time with over 20 million data points per day.
  • Jedox uses modern graphic cards (GPUs) to further boost the computation power of the Jedox, keeping the response time to Big Data analysis under 1 second.