Webinar Recording:
How to Improve your Budgeting Process with Integrated Planning (EN)

Jedox Webinar

What will you learn:

  • Learn how to unify actuals and budget to strengthen analytics

  • How real-time modeling empowers you to create driver-based models and instantly run what-if scenarios with sophisticated trend analysis

  • Why automatic data integration is key for a quick process and increases accuracy

  • Find out about the benefits of Integrated Planning by improving compliance and controls around the planning process.

  • See real examples from companies like FIAT and SANOFI that have mastered integrated planning!

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Drive Strategy to all Parts of the Organization

Whether your enterprise plan is top-down or bottom-up, building strong links between strategic and operational plans is hard. Additionally, as economic shifts occur more frequently, flexible business planning becomes essential. Why not make it easy? Instead of everyone working in silos, integrated planning draws together all of the functional departments into an enterprise-wide approach. Integrated planning makes it easy for the CEO to drive strategy to all parts of the organization.

Join Desner Advisory Services, ShopKeep and Jedox to learn more about how to make your planning cycles as effective as possible!

  • Organizer

    Dresner Advisory Services

  • Duration

    55:47 min

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  • Speaker

    Howard Dresner, Chief Research Officer at Dresner Advisory Services