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Do’s and Don’ts: Transitioning to Modern Budgeting (EN)

How Can Unified Planning Save Your Company Money and Give You Time Back?

Whether your enterprise plans top-down or bottom-up, building strong links between strategic and operational plans is hard. It is painful for the corporate office of finance to consolidate budgets across entitles and countries when each one has a different finance system and its own chart of accounts.

Integrated planning links financial targets to operational drivers – the activities that each department actually does day-to-day. Users compare actuals with plan and drill-down below the KPIs to understand « why » it is happening. Combining performance monitoring with integrated planning means you can rapidly take action.

During this webinar you will learn about the best-in-class integrated planning solutions:

  • Gain insight faster for all stakeholders to align operational planning including strategic goals
  • Learn how to combine multiple data sources with just the click of a button to get a 360* view of your business
  • Discover cross-functional collaboration across teams and entities
  • Find a secure and trusted one version of the truth with transparent methodologies and processes
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