Customer Success Story:


10 locations, 6 subsidiaries, 6 countries, 1 unified solution for financial consolidation

A company using its own product to improve and optimize internal processes is not as common as one might think. With the Jedox Financial Consolidation Model and other applications of its own solutions, Jedox proudly counts itself among companies that fully embrace their own product’s effectiveness and use it in various places across the organization.

In view of the continual growth at Jedox and the founding of new subsidiaries, including one in Dubai, the complexity of the consolidation processes has also increased. With the increasing number of subsidiaries, the annual group consolidation in Excel was no longer sufficient for finance and management requirements. In accounting, the process was also taking up more and more valuable time. It was time to act.

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“What makes the model so interesting is that you can get the consolidation done very quickly and determine the status quo whenever you want – both at the individual company level and the group level.”

Claudia Sarau, Senior Accountant, Jedox