Business analytics for Salesforce – 6 good reasons to extend your CRM (EN)

In order to stay one step ahead of the competition, companies need modern, integrated, agile solutions to manage customer relationships. Many rely on Salesforce.com to manage customer contacts and sales processes. Thanks to its cloud CRM, sales representatives can access customer information from an office computer, tablet or even smartphone.They can also use the softwareto create ad hoc sales plans or forecasts for the coming months or quarters.

Yet the renowned Salesforce cloud CRM also has its limits. The software does not integrate customer information outside of the system. It lacks in-depth analytics as well as functions to support long-term, strategic planning. Standard reports are rigid and, therefore, difficult to analyze from various angles.

This whitepaper explores the benefits of embedding mobile, self-service Business Analytics directly in your Salesforce applications.

Table of contents

  • Salesforce alone doesn’t suffice

  • Insuffient analytic and data integration tools

  • Standard spreadsheets are no solution

  • How embedded BI and CPM can help:

    1. Single source of truth
    2. BI and cloud CRM in one tool
    3. 360° customer views
    4. Highly efficient planning processes
    5. Editing CRM analytics and reports without Salesforce access
    6. Mobile, self-service BI
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