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A Guide to Planning Process Improvement


How Enterprise Performance Management Tools redefine the Finance function

THE ROLE OF THE CFO IS EVOLVING from its accounting roots to one of strategic business partner. Senior finance executives still take the lead when it comes to budgeting and financial reporting, but they are also collaborating with the C-suite and other stakeholders to hone future business plans and forecasts.

The transformative nature of the CFO job — and a more inclusive planning and forecasting process — requires broader visibility into corporate performance management systems to provide a clear view of where the company stands and where it is likely headed.

This eBook explores how CFOs can lead the digital transformation efforts necessary to move the business forward and maximize the impact of corporate performance analytics.

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Highlights of the eBook

  • Pain points for realizing business process improvement

  • Importance of a finance-led Enterprise Performance Management strategy

  • Best strategies for ensuring an ROI on a EPM implementation and developing data dashboards

  • Role of emerging technologies such as AI and machine learning

Learn more about the siloed data results in Performance Management challenges in this eBook!