This blog post gives you everything you need to know about Jedox Release 2018.1, which is currently available for free trial and download here.

The Jedox development team is proud to present the first public release in 2018! Jedox 2018.1 not only introduces a new naming policy, but also comes with new features, tweaks and bug fixes to provide 2.300 Jedox customers around the globe with improved system stability and performance.

1. General

1.1 Release Naming


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Beginning with this release, Jedox is introducing new release naming policy. Public release names will now be in the format <YEAR>.<NUMBER>. The current release is thus named 2018.1.

Internal version numbers in the form <MAJOR>.<MINOR>.<PATCH>.<BUILD>, e.g. will be kept where applicable, as shown in the screenshot below:

Jedox 2018 1 Edited

1.2 Release pace

Beginning with this release, Jedox is aiming at delivering 4 releases per year.

2. Jedox In-Memory Database

2.1 Jedox Views can be stored on the OLAP Server

It is now possible to store Jedox Views on the server as a global view (accessible for all users) or as a private view (accessible only for the current user). Thus, a Jedox view definition can be stored centrally, and the Jedox View will then be available simultaneously on all frontends (Excel Add-in, Jedox Web, Jedox Mobile) that have access to the server.

2.2 Improved effective rights calculation and caching

As of 2018.1, calculation and caching of effective rights has been rewritten to better address complex scenarios where effective rights calculation would take a long time, such as environments with many users (hundreds+), groups, and detailed rights settings.

3. Jedox Web General

3.1 ATTN: Private tasks can’t be created in Scheduler anymore

As of 2018.1, private tasks are no longer supported. It is not possible to create new private tasks or change existing tasks to private.

4. Jedox Web Spreadsheets

4.1 Autocomplete option in Macro Editor is turned off by default

As of 2018.1, the autocomplete option in Macro Editor is turned off by default. In previous Jedox versions, it was turned on by default and, for example, automatically added closing brackets when starting brackets were entered.

This option can be switched on and off with a new button in the toolbar of the Macro Editor, as shown below:

Jedox 2018 2 Edited

5. Jedox Integrator

5.1 Cube Load with persisted Drillthrough

In the relational database used for the persistence of the drillthrough data, the schema and table may now have names that are not in upper case.

The same goes for the table columns; the column names must match dimension names only in a case-insensitive way.

6. Setup

6.1 New Jedox Setup languages

The Jedox Setup 2018.1 supports Estonian and Serbian as new languages.

We are committed to keeping newer versions compatible with previous versions, especially solutions built with previous versions. Any changes in the software that would require a change in a solution built
with the software will be announced during the ramp- up phase before the change goes into effect.

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Author: Vladislav Malicevic