The Jedox development team has introduced the second service release of the latest Jedox version 7.0. The release SR2 comprises tweaks, bug fixes, and new features, providing Jedox users with improved system stability and performance. Numerous optimizations across the Jedox Integrator, OLAP engine, Jedox Web and Excel Add-in further enhance the usability and help making planning, data analysis and reporting with Jedox even more comfortable and efficient.

1. Jedox OLAP

GPUs with Compute Capability 2.0 and 2.1 are deprecated

GPUs with Compute Capability 2.0 and 2.1 are deprecated with SR2 and support will be dropped in 7.1.

2. Jedox Web General

Rule formula tree is collapsed by default

The formula tree of the Source in the Advanced Rule Editor will be collapsed by default from the second level onwards.
With the buttons (1) and (2) you can collapse resp. expand all source lines.


Additionally, users can now control whether the Advanced Rule Editor panel should be collapsed or expanded by default, via right button click (3) on the panel label ‘Rule Editor‘.

3. Jedox Web Spreadsheets

3.1 Shortcut CTRL + DEL available

In Jedox Web Spreadsheets you can use Ctrl+ Del in one cell with a PALO.DATA formula to write the value “0” in a numeric cell or an empty string in a string cell without deleting the existing formula. On consolidated numeric cells, the whole cube slice will be cleared.
In the “Report” mode of Jedox Web, you need on unlocked cells only the DEL key to receive the same result.

3.2 Zero values can be splashed with #00

On cubes where the zero value storage is enabled, users can now use the #00 input to splash zero values explicitly.

4. Jedox Integrator

Data-Driven Modeling in SSO environment

In order to use „Data Driven Modeling“ in an environment with Windows Single Sign On it’s necessary to create a global OLAP connection which is used in the Integrator project. To be automatically detected and used, the connection has to be called “localhost_sso”.

5. Jedox Excel Add-in

Two new functions are exposed to Excel Add-in COM interface

The functions RebuildView() and SaveAsSnapshot() are exposed anew to Excel Add-in COM interface.

6. Setup

Linux Setup includes Java installation package

Java is now delivered with Linux Setup. Therefore it is neither necessary to install Java before the Jedox installation nor to have an Internet connection.

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Author: Vladislav Malicevic