The Jedox development team has introduced the first service release of the latest Jedox version 7.0. The release SR1 comprises new features, tweaks and bug fixes, providing Jedox users with improved system stability and performance. Numerous new features, such as the new Qlik Sense and PowerBI connectors, an optimized modeler, mobile enhancements and more optimizations further enhance the usability and help making planning, data analysis and reporting with Jedox even more comfortable and efficient.

1.1 Jedox OLAP

1.1.1 New reading commands for database scripts

The following reading commands are now available:


1.1.2 New command CUBE_CHANGE_LAYOUT

To prevent confusion and unused parameters for each of the cube/create cases, there is now one simple CUBE_CREATE command and a new CUBE_CHANGE_LAYOUT command for layout changes.

The CUBE_CREATE command was changed (minus 2 parameters), but old journals can be still processed, because OLAP recognizes the journal version.

1.1.3 Conditional operations with IF for database scripts

Now code with IF clauses can be executed in database scripts and the logical functions AND, OR, and NOT can be used in IF statements.

1.1.4 New string functions for database scripts

The functions LEFT(), RIGHT(), CONCAT(), and SUBSTR() have been added for database scripts.

1.1.5 Syntax highlighting in Script Editor

As of Version 7.0 SR1 syntax highlighting in Script Editor is supported.

1.1.6 New Jedox / PALO functions

4 new functions have been implemented to check if OLAP object exists.

  • EEXISTS() (checks if element exists)

They work in Jedox Spreadsheets as well as in Excel spreadsheets, but they are only displayed in the function wizard of Excel. In Jedox function wizard they will be implemented in next Jedox version.

1.1.7 Extended $_JEDOX variable with information about internal olap instance

As of Jedox Version 7.0 SR1 the variable $_JEDOX can also deliver OLAP server interface and port of internal OLAP instance (the entries in config.php) for usage in macros.

1.1.8 New rule query type “Initial months”

A new query type for template rules called “Initial months” is available. The query returns a list of the first month elements for all years in a time dimension; either January or, if a fiscal year is configured, the first month of the fiscal years.

1.2 Jedox Web General

1.2.1 Modeler shows loading databases and unloadable databases

The Modeler in Web will now display databases, which are still loading during startup of OLAP server, in the database list with a specific icon. If a database couldn’t be loaded due to some error, it will also be shown with a specific icon / message.

1.2.2 Configurable page size in Modeler element grid

The page size of long element lists in the elements grid in Modeler now can be configured. The default page size is 50.
To configure the page size, the setting “tree_paging_pagesize” in the group “Control” in Jedox Web Session manager can be used. The setting will also be used for paging in other contexts, for example comboboxes in Web reports.
The setting “tree_paging_threshold” is deprecated as of 7.0 SR1 and will be ignored.

1.2.3 Dimension Upload Wizard will automatically detect a single column source data

In dimension upload, when using a file that only contains a single column of data, the Dimension Upload Wizard will automatically detect this content, set the type to “Full Hierarchy”, and assign the column to the “base” hierarchy level.
Usage of the Parent child format is not permitted on single column source data.

1.2.4 Warning message for invalid column assignments in Dimension Upload

In the Dimension Upload dialog, the minimum required column mappings are now enforced. If the user didn’t assign the minimum required column mappings, a popup message will be shown when clicking the “Next” button.

1.2.5 Configurable display of stack traces in Apache Tomcat RPC backend error messages

The display of stack traces in UI error messages in the Apache Tomcat RPC backend components is turned off by default. It can be enabled by adding the setting “exception.print_stack_trace=true” in file <Jedox Suite Install_path>\tomcat\webapps\rpc\WEB-INF\classes\

1.2.6 Copy/paste capabilities in Modeler have been extended

Now you can copy elements from modeler and paste either in another dimension in Modeler, or e.g. in Excel sheet. Re-ordering of the elements is now supported.

1.2.7 Template info and state info of rules are preserved during exports / imports

When exporting and importing rules with Modeler, their states active/inactive are now preserved. After reimporting the rule has the same status as when it was exported. Furthermore, exports and imports of rules contain the info of used templates. This information is saved in two additional columns of an export file. These additional columns are the reason that rule exports of former Jedox Versions cannot be imported in Jedox Version 7.0 SR1.

1.2.8 Rule Editor has now also element picker for right-side fields of a rule

As of 7.0 SR1, there is also an element picker for right-side fields of a rule.

1.2.9 Dimension hierarchy expands automatically after consolidating elements

When adding elements to an additional parent in modeler, the elements will now be automatically shown at their new place in the dimension hierarchy after being added to that parent element.

1.2.10 Extended capabilities of Web Advanced Rule Editor

As of SR1, Web Advanced Rule Editor adds support for element lists on left side of rule, i.e. rules like
[‘Months’:{‘Jan’,’Feb’,’Mar’}] = …

1.2.11 Changed behavior of entries ‘Major Unit’ and ‘Minor Unit’ for charts

The entries ‘Major Unit’ and ‘Minor Unit’ in the dialog “Format axis” (context menu command of axe y) must be greater than or equal to 0.005. These values are rounded to 2 decimal places. As of version 7.0 SR1 the entry will be reset to “Auto” if the entered value is smaller than 0.005.

1.3 Jedox Web Spreadsheets

1.3.1 Keyboard shortcut to rebuild views

As of Jedox version 7.0 SR1 the shortcut CTRL + Q rebuilds views.

1.3.2 New widget functions parent.startWait() and parent.stopWait()

In some scenarios, a widget can need too long time to be shown properly in a PDF. In such a case, the functions parent.startWait() and parent.stopWait() can be used to cause the PDF renderer to wait until the widget is fully rendered from the widget code itself.

1.4 Jedox Integrator

1.4.1 ATTN: Licensing Changes

As of Jedox 7.0 SR1, connection types Tableau and Salesforce require appropriate feature set inside the license in order to be able to use these connection types.

1.4.2 New connection type Power BI

With this component, a connection can be established to the business analytics service Power BI provided by Microsoft. Power BI feature set is required inside license to be able to use this connection type.

1.4.3 New load type PowerBI

With this load type, data can be written into datasets of the business analytics service Power BI provided by Microsoft.

1.4.4 New connection type Qlik

With this component, a connection can be established to the business intelligence & visualization software Qlik Sense. Qlik feature set is required inside license to be able to use this connection type.

1.4.5 New load type Qlik

With this load type, files can be uploaded to applications of a Qlik Sense Server. Additionally, a reload of Qlik Sense application Qlik Sense can be triggered.

1.4.6 Enhancements for Cube Extract

The result can now be filtered on the cube value of the returned cells.

1.4.7 Enhancements for TableJoin Transform

For this transform can now be set a join condition and an additional setting for the output columns.

1.4.8 Enhancements for JSON Load

A more flexible JSON output structure can be achieved by defining a JSON template.

1.4.9 Enhancements for Wizard Dialogs

As of Jedox 7.0 SR1, all wizard dialogs allow for searching components, switching between grid/list view, and showing description in tooltip for selected component. Furthermore, it is possible to create new component only if one item is selected/focused in the list. Also, name of the item is dynamically set based on component type.




1.5 Jedox Excel Add-in

1.5.1 Modeler in Excel stores location

The Modeler opened in Jedox Excel Add-In now will store the last used location (database, dimension, or cube) and automatically open that location next time the Modeler is used.

1.5.2 Easier change of the connection to Jedox Web server

The connection to Jedox Web server which is used in the Web-based dialogs in Jedox Excel Add-in (Modeler, Publish, and Edit Jedox Spreadsheet) can now be changed from the dialog window, by right-clicking the Window title bar and selecting the new connection from the context menu. Previously, the used connection for Jedox Web dialogs could only be changed via the “Jedox Wizard” dialog.

1.5.3 Change of keyboard shortcut to rebuild views

As of Jedox version 7.0 SR1 the shortcut to rebuild views is CTRL + Shift + Q. In former versions, the shortcut to rebuild views was CTRL + Q. This change was necessary because Microsoft Excel uses Ctrl + Q to display quick analysis options for selected cells.

1.6 Jedox Web Sandbox

As of Version 7.0 SR1, Jedox Web Sandbox will only allow one running instance of sandbox client by default. This can be overridden by starting JedoxWebSandbox.exe with command line parameter /x, for example JedoxWebSandbox.exe /x.

1.7 Jedox Mobile

1.7.1 1Password integration

Users can now use their credentials stored in the 1Password app to create new accounts (iOS).

1.7.2 3D-Touch access to accounts

Access to the accounts is now possible directly by using 3D-Touch on the app icon (iOS).

1.7.3 Touch-ID support

Another security feature to prevent unauthorized access to the account and its credentials.

1.7.4 Improvement: Ad-hoc Charts

Ad-Hoc charts are now equally distributed and pie chart labels are now printed outside the pie for better readability.

1.7.5 Improvement: Auto-Check in Account Creation Wizard can be disabled

Users can now disable the automatic check for valid credentials in order to circumvent problems with a limited number of false retries before an account gets deactivated for security reasons.

1.7.6 Various bugfixes

  • Session handling
  • Theme does not get reset
  • Report not opened in landscape mode
  • Search bar hidden after login
  • Message “unexpected error occurred” when enabling airplane mode
  • Get a default read element instead of word “All” if no filter exists

1.8 Setup

The dialog box “Supervision Server Options” with the checkmark „Enable Drilldown“, which was received only in a new Windows installation, moved to the dialog box “Final Options”.

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Author: Vladislav Malicevic