Exciting Planning, Analytics and Reporting Capabilities and the NEW Jedox Marketplace

Jedox 7.1 represents once again an evolution in strategic and self-service planning for business users in all functions and industries. The new Jedox version is packed with exciting features. Here is a glimpse of what’s coming. Watch a sneak preview of the New Marketplace and discover over 25 pre-built applications and content packages provided by Jedox and our global partners. Take a look at the enhanced mobile reporting and new capabilities in Jedox Excel Add-inand the upgraded full-circle Qlik Sense connector. For application designers, we have great news about integrating new data sources and data preparation in Jedox and creating complex models with more comfort and ease in data-modeling. Last but not least, Jedox Cloud 7.1 makes enterprise planning seamless with high-speed deployment and enterprise-grade performance and security.

New: Planning Experience – Business leaders and planners in all departments enjoy new planning features

The next-generation of the Jedox Planning Assistant (aka Splashing Wizard) brings more intuitive top-down planning functionality to Jedox and speeds-up the strategic planning process for business leaders. Planners in all departments can now collaborate and work simultaneously on the same data using the new “Hold” feature and Hold Manager. It allows each user to plan and close on their numbers while everyone else keeps working on the same data model. The new “Undo” in Jedox Web immediately takes you back to the previous version without any data loss.

New: Partner Solutions and Jedox Models – Customers now benefit from Partners’ Solution Expertise and 7 pre-built Jedox Models

With Jedox 7.1 comes the new Jedox Marketplace, a digital showroom that lets customers experience the universe of Jedox planning, analytics, and reporting solutions. The Jedox Marketplace now offers customers direct access to the solution expertise of Jedox global partners and software content specifically tailored to industries and lines of business.
The new Jedox Premium Model “Balance Sheet Projection” is your fast-start for connected, forward-looking, and strategic financial planning. Now a total of 7 pre-built, configurable Jedox Models for integrated financial planning and 14 partner solutions for financial consolidation, sales and operations planning, and many more empower Jedox customers to individually adapt, configure, and integrate their favorite applications and rapidly deploy their own solution. Plus, customers find a wealth of software demos and samples to discover the endless possibilities of the Jedox Enterprise Performance Management platform.

Now Even Better: Jedox Mobile and Excel Add-in – Easy-to-use ad-hoc analytics and reports for Jedox Excel Add-in and Mobile

Love Excel? Than we have good news for you. The market-leading Jedox Excel-Add-in is now even better. Create an ad-hoc report or analysis with default elements and store the view for next time. There is also a new chart type available: the vertical waterfall (Success Chart). Upgrade to Jedox 7.1 to try out this and many other new features.
Straight from Jedox Web to your mobile: Seamless report synchronization with fit-to-screen, zoom and scroll make it easier for colleagues to access the latest reports and analysis on-the-go. With fast performance and easy-to-use data-entry Jedox Mobile empowers planners anywhere, anytime.

New: More Pre-Defined Data Sources and Data Preparation – New data sources and self-service data preparation in Jedox Integrator

Jedox 7.1 boosts many new capabilities to speed up and simplify data integration and data preparation. Execution runtime information, automated documentation of integration jobs, and many other helpful features have been introduced to make seamless integration and self-service data preparation a reality in Jedox. Jedox Integrator now allows application designers to preview, link, and transform data more easily and join data from various sources into structured, multi-dimensional data models. Jedox 7.1 also introduces new Office 365 integration with OneDrive connectivity as well as enhanced REST connection and extraction from Qlik Sense Enterprise.

Now Even Better: Full-Circle Qlik Sense™ Connector – Data extraction from Qlik Sense™ Enterprise for planning in Jedox

Go full circle from planning to analytics to reporting with the upgraded Jedox Connector for Qlik Sense™. Jedox and Qlik have intensified their partnership and are now offering Qlik Sense as a data source in Jedox for budgeting, planning, and forecasting. Once you have finalized your budgets and plans, simply bring back your plans to Qlik Sense™ to analyze actuals and performance against targets.

Now Even Better: Data-Modeling Experience – Application designers build their own Models with more comfort and ease

The powerful Jedox modeling tool now offers comfortable features for application designers to create complex data models with more speed and ease. Drag & drop, copy-paste, syntax highlighting, and auto-complete simplify modeling. New attribute domains make it easy to set and control data entries with pre-defined types of values and data ranges.

Now Even Better: Jedox Cloud 7.1 – Full control over your Jedox Cloud and high-speed performance

Now easier to manage than ever with the new Cloud Console, Jedox Cloud 7.1 is the future of Enterprise Performance Management. The Cloud Console features a new performance analytics dashboard and full control over back-up and restore of your database. Jedox Cloud offers enterprise-level security with a private network (virtual private cloud) for each customer running on the SOC 2 compliant Microsoft Azure platform. High availability and high-speed GPU performance guarantee a seamless cloud computing experience.


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Author: Vladislav Malicevic