Finding a uniform software solution for planning and reporting processes – that was the main goal of the biopharmaceutical company PaxVax, which researches and manufactures vaccines against various infectious diseases. They are a division of Emergent BioSolutions.

Efficient budgeting, reliable planning values and real-time analysis are crucial for business success. Faced with the demands of digital transformation, PaxVax, like many other companies, faced a variety of challenges before they found the right solution. For example, the creation of monthly reports took too long (one week) and was prone to errors.

Manual planning processes

As PaxVax is an internationally active company based in the USA and operating with global offices, information gaps between their global teams led to considerable time delays.

This resulted in bottlenecks in the planning process as a result of the faltering manual planning. The lack of an overview of change history in ongoing planning further disrupted their processes.

Searching for the right solution

A modern solution was needed to meet these challenges. In the search for the appropriate tool, the pre-selection process came down to three providers for modern corporate performance management.

After a thorough examination of the challenges and needs of PaxVax, Jedox was not only able to convince with its architecture, but also came out best in terms of price-performance ratio. Consequently, the Jedox solution for integrated planning and reporting was chosen.

Planning processes on a whole new level

Jedox offers the biopharmaceutical company not only reliable reporting, but also a high degree of transparency with regard to data changes and a much more standardized tracking process. Patchy connections to previous systems is now a thing of the past. Jedox makes ad-hoc analysis possible and provides improved accuracy and faster information sharing.

Faster, more reliable, and more consistent

After implementing the Jedox solution, time savings and improved consistency in the data are the biggest benefits for PaxVax. The monthly reporting, which took far too much time to implement before Jedox, is now available within one day. Decentralized sales planning is also much faster. Decision makers at all levels up to the board of directors benefit from consistent, reliable and up-to-date data throughout the organization.

Be inspired by the possibilities of modern corporate performance management software and learn more about the successful implementation of the Jedox solution in our Customer Success Story with PaxVax.