See what’s new in the latest Jedox software release:

Jedox 2018.3 is available as of today – Here is an overview of the latest features and updates.

As more and more customers adopt Jedox software as a service running in the cloud, reliability, performance, and – above all – security are essential aspects of the overall EPM solution. Customers want their data to be managed securely in the cloud, with access limited to authorized people only. They want a reliable data storage and a scalable service that can quickly adapt to the needs of the business. And customers expect to take advantage and integrate seamlessly with best-of-breed or new services as they become available.

Security and Compliance

We have put a lot of work in Jedox 2018.3, our latest release, to ensure that our software-as-a-service covers all the criteria above. Between 2018.2 and 2018.3 releases, we published a new web source for Jedox security and compliance information: We were re-certified against ISO 27001 for information security and we passed the SOC 2 audit. SOC stands for “System and Organization Controls,” and includes a series of standards and internal control reports on the services provided by a service organization. It is designed to help measure how well a service organization, like Jedox, conducts and regulates its information in order to provide confidence and peace of mind for customers.

UI Refresh – More to come

2018.3 also brings a freshened-up UI with first updates to the usability and look and feel in Report Manager, Report Designer and the home screen. We added a new ribbon format, the Simple Ribbon, in the spreadsheet editor in Jedox Web. This UI option merges the advantages of a ribbon, such as grouping buttons by functionality, with those of a toolbar, such as using less space and preventing clutter. For casual users this provides more intuitive navigation. We also added easy access to recently used items. This is just the beginning of the Jedox UI refresh – stay tuned for more to come.

Salesforce Connector 2.0

Connecting Jedox with the eco-system and best-of-breed applications is a high priority for Jedox. In 2018.3, we significantly enhanced the integration with Salesforce CRM for simplified sales planning. A new bulk API and support for Salesforce Object Query Language, SOQL, for data retrieval has been added, as well as new writeback functionality for data load to Salesforce.

We are proud to present the latest version: Jedox 2018.3. For a complete list of new features please check out the entire release notes document here.

Author: Vladislav Malicevic