The direct connectivity between both the two Self-Service applications Jedox and Tableau enables Tableau users to plan and forecast their data intelligently for sophisticated budgeting and planning across the organization. Jedox clients can seamlessly visualize their data in Tableau’s rapid-fire analytics engine. In order to connect to a Tableau .tde file it is necessary to follow certain procedure:

  1. Download Tableau “Tableau SDK for C/C++/Java” from this link.
  2. Copy everything from folders /bin and /lib from source on PIC1 to target on PIC2





3. System variables need to be created for PATH, TAB_SDK_LOGDIR and TAB_SDK_TMPDIR.


4. Default location for .tde file is always C:\Users\…\Documents\My Tableau Repository\Datasources\x.tde – and that location should be inserted here:


5. Restart the Jedox services and test connection.


6. Keep in mind that the .tde file cannot be open simultaneously in Tableau.

Author: Stefan Velickovic