KPI Sync 2019 US Roadshow

Boston, 15 November 2019  Top finance professionals from dozens of companies around the country came together in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco over the last week to discuss issues facing the modern finance industry.

Internationally recognized experts spoke about reexamining business KPIs, and how to build a better strategy in a digital world. Mr. Bernie Smith, author of Made to Measure KPIs, and Dr. Jurgen Faisst, Managing Partner of International Business Communication Standards (IBCS) and author of Solid – Outlined – Hatched, presented their extraordinary approaches to KPIs and their visualization for business. Dr. Liran Edelist, President of Jedox Americas, shared his approach to changing the way businesses tackle Enterprise Performance Management by setting the right KPI’s and doing so using the right methodologies and processes.

Decision makers at companies of all sizes and sectors frequently voice a common concern when aiming to improve their approach to KPIs, finance and enterprise performance: How to make strategies measurable, how to communicate their results effectively, and how to implement these approaches within their organizations?

CEO of Jedox AG Florian Winterstein commented, “Digital Transformation is no longer a thing of the future. It is happening now and having dramatic impact on the financial reporting and analysis of companies of all sizes, which is why Jedox knew it was the right time to discuss reassessing KPI and performance strategies with top finance professionals. It is time for a new approach to efficiency and effectiveness.”

The event was hosted by Jedox, Inc., a leading international enterprise performance management solution provider. Jedox enables business planning, budgeting and forecasting for finance, sales and broader enterprise departments with leading-edge technology to support digital transformation and provide tangible customer value. Constant innovations have made Jedox a leader in the Enterprise Performance Management sector.

While KPI Sync 2019 may have ended, the journey has just begun for finance professionals looking to adapt their approach to modern technology and pave the way for better business decisions across their organization.