End of Support for Your TM1 Solution? Time to Act!

With IBM no longer providing full support or bug fixes for TM1, now is the time for organizations to make the move to a modern, cloud-based, unified Enterprise Performance Management solution.

Tm1 Replacement

At the crossroads of big decisions

Some time ago, there were big decisions made at your organization. They opted for a then-great solution for planning, reporting and analysis by Applix, Cognos, or IBM. Now, this product has reached its end-of-support and you have to assess the market to find a replacement for TM1. That’s not an easy task. There are more products out there than ever before and more terms ranging from Enterprise Performance Management (or Corporate, or Business) over PB&F, FP&A to xP&A, the new buzzword for truly integrated planning. This makes a big decision even more challenging. Where to start?

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Infographic: End of Support for Your FP&A Solution?

Our infographic provides an overview of important considerations when you start searching for a new solution for your planning, reporting and analytics.

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Leave the Legacy Behind – Leverage the Benefits of Innovation

Your tech refresh starting point

Every organization has their own unique needs in the realm of planning, reporting, and analysis. A list of features is usually insufficient to help determine if your needs will be met. Start at the beginning. Costs, project length, and data integration are what comes to mind. Jedox keeps an intent focus on customer requirements. We provide an intuitive solution with a transparent cost structure, implementation times recognized by analysts and an integrator that makes it easy to pull your data from a wide range of sources.

Easily avoid having a fragmented technology ecosystem for different tasks with all of this in a single, unified solution. Since market volatility and dynamics constantly increase and requirements change over time, flexibility and scalability are paramount for us, all while still enabling a self-service approach. Designed with business users in mind so that being a “techie” is not a requirement. In our whitepaper, we walk you through the options and provide six key factors that legacy system users should consider before taking their next step.

Why you simply can’t delay your TM1 upgrade any longer…

  • First steps and options for EPM Tech Refresh

  • The most important things to consider

  • 6 key factors to consider before your decision

  • What a unified solution can do for your business

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90% of surveyed users rate Jedox‘s functionality for data integration as excellent or good.

BARC , The Planning Survey 20
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80% of surveyed users have implemented Jedox in less than 6 months.

BARC , The Planning Survey 20
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69% of surveyed users chose Jedox because of its price-performance ratio.

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Delaying your legacy replacement even longer won’t help. Start now. We can help.

  • Easy to use by everyone
    With an intuitive rule editor, pre-built workflows, and models.

  • Out-of-the-box connectors
    Over 30 connectors for fast integration of your data sources.

  • One unified solution
    One solution for all requirements instead of a fragmented tech ecosystem.

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