Strategic sales planning

Build an effective sales strategy

An effective strategy is the engine for strong growth. Your sales strategy and go-to-market plans require data and decisions. What does your ideal customer look like currently and in the future? What type of channels and distribution are used? Jedox bundles the information you need, accelerates planning, tracks execution, and alerts on deviations from plan.

Informed sales planning without Excel chaos

To consistently achieve your growth targets, you need a suitable sales strategy. Concrete plans help to put this into action. With regular forecasts, you can always keep a sharp eye on target achievement. The Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is at the heart of strategy development. Using historical data on average deal size, the length of sales cycles per customer segment (industry, size, region, etc.) and information on profit and loss rates, you can determine ICP or any other go-to-market (GTM) matrix.

Without a modern solution, strategic sales planning information resides in outdated solutions or multiple Excel exports, making it enormously difficult to create and continuously develop an accurate ICP/GTM. Data preparation hogs your time, and the actual strategy and plan development gets shortchanged. Creating a single source of truth is the logical consequence.

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I use the Jedox sales and finance cubes every day and it’s great to have the answers to my questions at my fingertips without asking the team to run reports for me.

Rob Gratton – CEO

Centralized information for plans with vision

Effective sales strategies are closely aligned with business goals, making relevant data essential. You need a comprehensive picture of your existing customers: The pure sales data is enriched by further behavioral and structural information. Support calls, payment behavior, and customer satisfaction are as important as information on the industry, size, and region. It helps both with upselling and the continuous development of the ideal customer profile.

Jedox integrates data from a wide range of sources automatically or via automated workflows into a single source of truth. The result is less administrative work, a better data foundation, and more time spent on customer acquisition and maintenance. Pinpoint the most promising opportunities to get the most out of sales. Jedox also supports you in creating plans for territories and quotas, in compensation management, and automates forecasting.

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