Planning, Reporting and Analysis for Retail

Numerous points of sale, employees and even more SKUs. Always keep track with a unified platform for sales and financial planning & analysis.

Plan all POS, SKUs, and demand seamlessly

The retail industry has traditionally struggled with accurate planning for its data-intensive industry. Maintaining clarity is vital. This starts at the individual points of sale (POS) and the respective products offered and workforce employed. It continues at aggregation level of several POS and wholesalers as well as supplier networks for the most diverse SKUs (Stock Keeping Units). Finally, the overall view has to be always up to date to gain important insights fast. Complexity is constantly growing due to globalization, digitalization, disruptive technologies.

New competitors join in every day. It is essential to always be in the know of all processes such as incoming and outgoing goods, deliveries and required human resources at various locations. Diverse prices (purchasing, sales, competitors) and return rates are also important drivers in retail business development that require accurate tracking.

Many organizations still plan with Excel as their only tool. Successful retail chains however plan with specialized software solutions to speed up planning processes, foster collaboration, and ensure better data quality for a consistent overall view. They also benefit from a high degree of flexibility through scenario models and the possibility of rapid reforecasting. With Jedox and a global network of more than 250 partners, you benefit from comprehensive retail expertise, both online and offline.

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“Using Jedox allows us to budget for the retail and wholesale parts of the business in detail, resulting in an accurate BIP that the Group can work towards. We have also been able to automate our GL consolidations and management reports therefore improving efficiencies as well as providing data consistency across all reports.”

Matthew Durbin - Group CFO, Accent Group

How retailers plan faster and more accurately with Jedox

Retailers use Jedox to successfully analyze and plan their business. For example, finance experts at Zalando use Jedox for merchandise planning, for which they combine KPIs from various source systems into one single source of truth.

In this way, they reduce overstock and eliminate sales losses due to goods that are reordered too late. Pre-season and seasonal planning with detailed workflows and assignments allow smooth collaboration across departments and result in a detailed, transparent, and accurate purchasing plan. Time-consuming processes for data collection, preparation and reporting can be automated. Regular automated forecasts to ideally align purchasing with demand are also possible with the solution. Optimization potentials are uncovered through in-depth analysis at various aggregation levels.

The U.S. grocer Sendik’s, the Australian Accent Group, which sells shoes in over 400 stores, and the German lighting expert Prediger also rely on Jedox for centralized budgeting, financial planning and reporting. These and many other retailers are benefiting from shorter planning cycles, fast ad-hoc reporting, more accurate plans and improved collaboration.

Making retail businesses more successful

  • Automate time-consuming processes
    such as data collection, preparation, and reporting
  • Increase collaboration
    in planning and data quality through a unified platform for all business units
  • Keep track of the performance
    of your POS and react quickly to unforeseen events with scenario models and forecasts
“With Jedox and bdg we have developed a unique solution for our purchasing planning in category management. As a result, we clearly gain in efficiency, speed and accuracy.”
Melanie Adler - Teamlead Assortment Planning and Controlling, Zalando SE