Unified Planning, Reporting & Analytics for Life Sciences

Complex supply chains call for collaboration that goes beyond spreadsheets and data silos. Jedox facilitates collaboration through one unified solution. Make your organization more resilient by gaining a better overview of supply chains to react faster to challenges ahead.

Lacking a unified view of your supply chain?

When operating in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, you know all the obstacles and challenges that can occur along supply chains, especially in markets with increased volatility. They can be the reason for costly disruptions in research and development, ultimately leading to delays in clinical trials and approval as well as licensing processes. With critical timelines that must be met in this industry, inefficient processes become increasingly worrisome. That’s why Jedox, together with our extensive global network of 250 partners with expertise in different industries, created solutions for leading global pharmaceutical, biotech, and med tech companies. Harness unrivaled flexibility to improve life sciences planning, reporting, and analysis.

Tap Into The Benefits of Unified Planning to Minimize: R&D disruptions, Clinical trials disruptions, Supplier and raw materials disruptions, Shocks to cold chain and logistics.

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“We replaced Excel with integrated planning and reporting through Jedox in a few weeks. Our specialist departments plan independently on the web. My team is able to focus on profitable growth.“
Michael Bailey - Senior Manager Controlling, Sanofi

Get a Better Overview of Your Entire Value Chain

With Jedox, a single unified solution for planning, reporting and analysis with highly flexible integration capabilities supports a single source of truth for your organization. Pull in data from various source systems across the value chain to get a comprehensive overview of what’s going on so you can react faster and with greater flexibility and adjust your plans accordingly. At the supplier level, compare costs, check availabilities, and logistics. At manufacturing plants, keep up with inventory, target stock levels, and output. At the sales front, keep track of KPIs like shelf life and total days on shelf, as well as demand forecasting.

Leading global pharmaceutical companies use Jedox for their planning and have workflows with detailed audit trails of data input, reviews, approvals, and status updates to keep track of what’s happening along the complex supply chains.

Increase transparency, flexibility, and traceability in the Life Sciences

  • Collaborate in real time
    across the entire value chain to increase cost visibility and data quality
  • Increase visibility
    of allocated cost across the value chain to reduce distribution expenses
  • Plan from the “big picture”
    down to granular details: from key markets to Bill-of-Material suppliers
  • Create forecasts based on scenarios
    to be ahead of the competition and prepared for the future

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“Jedox struck the perfect balance between flexibility and functionality, allowing us to evolve and adapt with the business.”
Dinh Le - Director of Financial Planning & Analysis, PaxVax