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The digital transformation is revolutionizing the way people work in enterprises around the globe. Analytics are rapidly coming to the fore. Many legacy systems are struggling to keep with the pace. Good planning is essential – but often a challenge for the FP&A team. Consolidating regional budgets from multiple entities, often with different ERPs and charts of accounts, kills productivity and produces errors. Consolidated enterprise plans are often disconnected from detailed department spreadsheets. Quick fixes with Excel-based solutions put data integrity at risk. It’s no wonder that senior executives and financial managers spend 20-30% of their time on budgeting – time they could better invest advising the business.

jedox simplicity and rapid roi

Jedox: Simplicity & Rapid ROI

Jedox centralizes and streamlines your Enterprise Performance Management and budgeting processes. Integrate all data from multiple entities and sources in a single platform, which users can access in Excel, web, and mobile environments. The flexible platform adjusts to your company’s individual needs while ensuring consistent results and high data governance.

Jedox is easy to use, which supports high user adoption and a fast ROI. Finance can deliver self-service analytics and reporting without IT assistance. Business users own their budget numbers and access important information anytime, anywhere. This drives collaboration and insights across the organization.

One Integrated Process Optimization Tool for the Enterprise

  • Connected Entities and Systems: Manage the planning process centrally while entities still work with familiar local accounts and currencies.

  • Unified Planning: Transform spreadsheet-based planning into a simple, methodological process.

  • Cutting-Edge Capabilities: Conduct flexible enterprise modeling, scenario planning, what-if and variance analyses, benchmarking, and more.

  • Resource Efficiency: Save time and resources over traditional process.

  • Streamlined Processes: Improve consistency by running all planning processes on a single platform.

  • Fewer Errors: Minimize the risk of human or computer error through a single source of truth.

  • Broader Vision: Pull data from multiple sources for a better view of your company’s performance.

  • Better Decisions: Produce informative reports that aid decision-making.

  • Strong Mobility: Access and input data anytime, anywhere.

Powerful Planning & Analytics for Global Enterprises

Proven Enterprise Solutions

Apleona logo


Leading European property and real estate service provider with 17,000 employees (formerly known as Bilfinger)

Managing operations for 31 companies in 26 countries with 13 different currencies in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, SAP, and other disparate systems. (1,300 Excel sheets each year!)

One unified Jedox solution for global financial and sales reporting. Business processes and tasks that used to take an entire day are now finished in seconds.

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ServiceMaster Logo


Provider for residential/commercial services with over 7,000 locations worldwide

Legacy budgeting system was too expensive and technical for business users to derive insights and didn’t support the digital transformation.

A Jedox budgeting solution that boosts productivity and insights across management, sales, and finance.

Corrs Logo

Corrs Chambers Westgarth

Leading independent and most globally connected law firm in Australia

Spreadsheet-driven processes could not follow the disruption taking place in the legal market. Finance still distributed over 8,000 PDF monthly reports manually.

Integrated Jedox solution for 1,000 users that integrates planning processes across the organization.

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logo deha

DEHA Group

Electronics wholesale group with 1.1 billion euros in annual revenue

Disparate reporting processes with six different ERP systems and no central data storage. Trading volume > 4.4 million articles, 20,000 contracts in a single day.

Comprehensive Jedox Web reporting portal that serves DEHA’s five electronics wholesalers, their subsidiaries, and over 200 contract suppliers (600 users).

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A Revolution in Planning Speed and Simplicity

Benefit from enterprise-grade planning, analytics and reporting with Jedox Models:

Jedox Models utilize tried-and-tested modeling techniques to ensure fast results. You can add and integrate further modules as needed to flexibly extend your planning application.

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