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Automate sales forecasts for proactive sales performance management

Forecasting has become an indispensable part of modern business. If you think of it as mainly time-consuming, we have some good news for you: Automate or create ad hoc forecasts with Jedox’s AI-based sales forecasting software.

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Here are five reasons to choose Jedox as your go-to sales forecasting software solution for your sales team:

Forecast at the push of a button

After the initial data integration in Jedox, you can create sales forecasts on a regular basis with automatic forecasts or on-demand at the push of a button.

Plan directly in the CRM

Jedox offers multiple pre-built integrations and interfaces for ERP, CRM and other commonly used systems. You can plan directly in Salesforce.

Meaningful use of artificial intelligence

With intuitive Jedox AIssisted™ Planning wizards, business users forecast more accurate results thanks to AI power and accelerate the planning of different scenarios.

Support a greater focus on growth

Jedox automates numerous tasks in planning and reporting and frees your inbox from overflowing with spreadsheets. This allows your sales team to have a greater focus on growth and value creation.

Improved collaboration

Pre-built workflows and seamless integration with tools such as Microsoft Power BI, Qlik and Salesforce greatly improve collaboration between departments for better planning and analysis.

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Frequently asked questions

Regular, realistic forecasts are important for companies to always know where they are headed. Will the defined goals and plans be achieved? And if not, where is the problem? In order to keep an eye on their sales growth and, more importantly, increase it, sales professionals need to be able to answer these questions with the help of sales forecasts.

Sales forecasting software automates forecasts, increases accuracy and validates the estimations of your sales team. This helps improve long-term business performance. Many companies still rely on Excel spreadsheets or specialized, isolated solutions for their forecasting. These antiquated tools mean a lot of time spend on data collecting and editing – at the cost of quality and accuracy.

With sales forecasting software, data integration is automated through a variety of interfaces, such as Salesforce or other CRM systems. Workflows control manual data entry. This ensures better collaboration and reduces administrative effort for everyone.

The benefits of sales forecasting software are:

  • Easy access through intuitive wizards
  • Large amounts of data can be easily processed
  • Automated, accurate forecasting allows for profound and data-based decisions
  • Progress towards the goals stays in focus
  • Easy planning of different scenarios
Creating sales forecasts is just one of the possibilities that become feasible with the use of software for sales planning. An unified software solution for sales performance management automates repetitive processes, provides holistic support for planning, analysis and reporting, and increases sales effectiveness and efficiency for more revenue and faster growth.