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WISCO Tailored Blanks

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From Data Logistics to Analysis: WISCO Tailored Blanks optimizes financial controlling across the value-added chain with Jedox

WISCO Tailored Blanks (WISCO TB) is a leading manufacturer of innovative, tailored steel solutions for the automobile industry. The former ThyssenKrupp subsidiary has made major contributions to auto body and vehicle engineering over the past 30 years with the production of laser-welded steel components including side panels, rails, and doors. With nine locations in Europe and Asia, WISCO TB has established itself internationally as an automotive supplier for all major brands.

WISCO TB has taken a great step in digitalizing its financial controlling processes with Jedox. From cost centers and investments to revenue planning, Jedox provides the company ready access to the P&L statements it needs in the form of daily, weekly, or monthly reports. The controllers can now shift their focus from complex data collection to making data-driven suggestions for future actions.

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“Thanks to Jedox, the intelligence in financial controlling is finally being used to analyze data and derive clever recommendations for action – instead of being blocked by tedious data collection processes.”

Adrian Pinkawa, Senior Controller, WISCO Tailored Blanks