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Why you simply can’t delay your TM1 upgrade any longer…

Time to evaluate your EPM options and leverage the benefits of innovation

Increased uncertainty means there is even greater pressure on CFOs and Finance teams to budget, plan and forecast effectively – especially as their organizations fight to catch up for lost time. Unfortunately, while the Office of the CFO might be ready and willing to provide this kind of leadership, the reality is that Finance is often held back by the performance management tools it has in place. This is particularly the case for the many organizations still reliant on legacy planning, reporting and analysis solutions that have roots going back to the 1980s.

Spreadsheet Connector, the later TM1 added to the IBM portfolio in 2008 and has now reached end-of-life with the announcement of end-of-support in 2019. This leaves over 1,000 enterprises with a critical choice to make on how to take their Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) forward. Staying with an unsupported system is neither ideal or realistic. It’s time to evaluate your EPM options. Discover how to leverage the benefits of innovation and other key considerations in our whitepaper.

A step by step guide for your TM1 replacement

  • First steps and options for EPM Tech Refresh

  • The most important things to consider first: costs, business continuity, and data integration

  • 6 key factors to consider before making a decision

  • The benefits a unified solution offers

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