Jedox 7 – What’s New

Download our whitepaper “Jedox 7 – What’s New” and learn more about how Jedox 7 solidifies its leading position among next generation software solutions for integrated planning and performance management with new powerful “out-of-the-box” features to kick-start planning across all departments. The whitepaper is packed with screenshots and examples to show you how Jedox 7 and our new “Jedox Models” will transform your integrated planning.

  •  Kickstart: New, flexible application models (Profit & Loss, Cost Center, HR, Sales) offer a fast and easy start for planning
  •  Build: More flexibility and intelligence help you build powerful planning solutions (e.g. new Jedox Modeler in Excel and Web, Time Editor, Localization…)
  •  Visualize & Report: New design capabilities and report styling for corporate standards (e.g. new stylesheet, demo dashboards…)
  •  Engage: Enjoyable user experience from desktop to web to mobile (e.g. customizable planning app, offline access…)
  •  Enterprise & Cloud: Enhanced performance and governance to meet the highest standards (e.g. GPU Accelerator Advisor, enhanced planning in the cloud…)
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