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What’s New in Jedox 2020

Jedox Webinar

What you will experience:

  • Jedox 2020 User Experience: Inspire your end users and increase productivity

  • Dynamic views and smart formatting: Analyze data in seconds, create reports in minutes

  • Excel-based planning: Plan seamlessly on the web, on your smartphone, and in Excel

  • AIssisted™ Planning Assistants: Secure your competitive advantage with Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning

Get a guided tour through the latest generation of Jedox

The Jedox solution supports the entire value chain of your organization with innovative, integrated planning and Enterprise Performance Management, wherever you are in your business journey. Jedox helps eliminate spreadsheet chaos and automate planning processes. As a business partner, you’re enabled to integrate the operative areas and provide cross-functional performance management with new decision-making tools using intelligent technologies.

The latest generation of Jedox offers an even more intuitive user experience, faster and more agile reporting, industry-leading Excel-based planning and much more. Learn how you can equip your organization for a successful future with the EPM solution with unrivaled flexibility. In this webinar with a live demo, you’ll get a guided tour of the highlights of Jedox 2020.1.

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    Rohan Kapil
    Tom Mello