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What Sales Professionals Need to Succeed in the Digital Age

The digital age has liberated buyers and opened up many new market opportunities. Buyers have access to a wealth of information sources today. This means, as a sales professional you must be better informed, too. If standard CRM reports or spreadsheet solutions can’t provide the full picture, it’s time to take your sales budgeting, planning and forecasting to the next level.

Discover how Jedox, one of the world’s leading Enterprise Planning software solutions, enables you to manage sales performance and deliver accurate sales forecasts. Jedox creates a 360° customer view by easily combining metrics from your CRM, POS, and call center with external market data.

Learn how to build striking, interactive sales dashboards and reports that you instantly share with your sales teams in the field. Benefit from more effective forecasts or plan long-term sales opportunities or revenues by products, regions or sales representatives. Enhance your long-term planning with in-depth analytics.

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