On-Demand Webinars:

Path to Finance Resilience through Collaborative Planning

Jedox Webinar

What will you learn:

  • How to achieve a collaborative integrated plan for your organisation

  • How a unified platform for Enterprise Performance Management enables you to become a trusted business partner

  • How to use AI and predictive capabilities to run scenario simulation and ‘what if’ analysis to enable continuous budgeting and forecasting

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In this on-demand webinar, sponsored by Jedox and hosted by CPA Australia, presenters Jithu Varghese (Senior Consultant, of Jedox) and Peter Metcalfe (Partner at Oliver Wight Asia Pacific), alongside CPA Australia moderator Ram Subramaniam, will discuss key learnings from the last 12 months with navigating a global pandemic COVID-19 and the opportunities it presents for finance professionals now to consider becoming strategic partners to the business.

You will learn how a collaborative planning approach enables greater visibility to the strategic plan, maintain current annual budgeting and planning cycles whilst looking forward to a longer 2–3 year plan with the added benefit of what if scenario simulations to tackle any future opportunities and/or risks.

From this webinar you will learn what finance need to consider from a people and process perspective to achieve a collaborative plan and how technology can enable you to create a single source of data, link various departments together to break down the traditional planning silos to achieve an organisational wide unified plan.

  • Organizers

    CPA Australia and Jedox

  • Duration

    1 h

  • Language


  • Speakers

    Jithu Varghese, Senior Consultant, Jedox
    Peter Metcalfe, Partner at Oliver Wight Asia Pacific
    Ram Subramaniam, Senior Manager – Reporting Policy CPA Australia