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Lunchtime Digest: Harnessing the Power of AI & Predictive for Smarter Planning

Jedox Webinar

Discover how adding AI and predictive helps:

  • Reduce time spent on forecasting by leveraging internal and external data

  • Optimize plans using predicted scenarios based on business/activity drivers

  • Increase the quality and granularity of forecasts at the operational level

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In life and business, we have undergone unprecedented and unrelenting change over the last year. Can predictive forecasting and AI give us greater insight and foresight in these uncertainty times? Traditional scenario modelling is limited by time, data, and humans – we tend to see the future as an extension of today. There is also a pressing need to integrate disparate systems, tap into relevant external sources and analyse data with high-speed. CFO and the management team need to ensure Financial and Operational Planning delivers insights and future direction for decision-support. This means large data sets that live inside and outside of the organization must be turned into information quickly. Artificial Intelligence thrives on massive data.

With Jedox, Finance & operational teams can increase the speed and quality of forecasting, develop new insights and recommendations for performance management, identify key business drivers, and help the business become more agile.

By adding depth and speed to your forecasts, you can present different strategies for fixed, negotiable, and controllable costs. You can more accurately predict individual brands and regional demand to lower inventory and free-up working capital. You can increase workforce utilisation, stress-test key assumptions and recommendations around capital projects. Your scenarios inform strategic business-critical decisions. Predictive forecasts make them better.

Harness the Power of AI and Predictive Analytics to enable Next Generation Digital Finance at your organisation!

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    55 minutes

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    Jithu Varghese
    Oskar Celejowski