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Leave the Legacy Behind: Leverage the Benefits of Innovation

Jedox Webinar

What will you learn:

  • What End of Support means for some legacy solutions

  • Why multiple instances of legacy solutions are required for truly unified planning

  • How to avoid costly upgrades and business disruptions

  • How to extract increased business value from your EPM solution

Learn why leaving the legacy behind helps organizations leverage the benefits of innovation without the baggage. Many old systems are fragmented instead of unified because of how they got pieced together over the years through mergers and acquisitions. Now it’s time to act and make the move to a unified and cloud-based Enterprise Performance Management solution. 

A long time ago, big decisions were made at your organization. A then-great tool for planning, reporting and analysis was selected. Now, this product has reached or is near its end of support and you have to assess the market to find a replacement. That’s not an easy task. There are more products out there than ever before and more terms ranging from Enterprise Performance Management (or Corporate, or Business) over PB&F, FP&A to xP&A, the new term for truly integrated planning. This makes big decisions even more challenging. Where do you start and how do you ensure smooth business continuity?

Compare legacy options with the Jedox cloud-based unified Enterprise Performance Management approach and discover the six key factors to consider when making the move from a legacy solution.

“After our experience with a previous solution, Jedox keeps their promises. Selecting Jedox was the right decision and we are very happy with it.”  – Interstuhl, leading global office chair manufacturer

Get better insight. Drive better decisions.

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    Curt Anderson
    Martin Overton