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Automate Planning Processes to React Faster and Adapt to Uncertainties

Webinar Recording Automate Planning

What will you learn:

  • Go beyond the rigidity of Excel columns and rows that requires constant reconciliation when you add more data

  • Centrally define calculation formulas – create one business rule instead of 100,000 copies of the same calculation

  • Minimize key person risk with auditable models instead of custom linked spreadsheets

  • Plan and analyze at scale by automatically linking back to the source instead of manually exporting and copying data

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Eliminate the disadvantages of Excel without losing the advantages

Excel remains the de facto standard for planning – users can quickly, cost-effectively, and independently conduct budgeting and forecasting. At the same time, the disadvantages are unavoidable – prone to errors, time-consuming, lacking in modern data security & compliance standards, and often become simply unmaintainable over time.

The Excel+ philosophy has guided Jedox since our foundation. The Jedox solution allows users across the organization to work in Excel effortlessly. It offers a powerful native Excel integration to Jedox web and mobile applications. The compatibility, however, goes much further. By automating important but frequent planning processes, you can free up time for higher-value activities.

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    38 min

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    Christine Chao
    Rahul Pandey