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Align Finance & Operational Plans Accurately and Effectively

Jedox Webinar

What will you learn:

  • Planning that saves time and eliminates manual reconciliation

  • Linking financial targets to operational drivers & activities in each department

  • How to compare actual performance to planned data and drill down to details

  • How to achieve more accurate forecasts and what-if analytics

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Integrated planning as a driver for better decisions

With the complexities of today’s markets – speed of change, greater volatility, increased supply and demand, businesses need to adapt faster to keep up. This is where Integrated Business Planning – the next generation of planning comes into play.

Uniting data from marketing, sales, procurement, production, transportation and finance, IBP creates one robust decision framework for stakeholders by removing organizational and technology barriers and aligning and synchronizing plans across strategic and tactical time horizons.

Listen in to learn how to align finance and operational plans accurately and efficiently to find out how you to think big, start small and gradually evolve towards a full-fledged integrated business planning for your organization.

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    56 min

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    Christine Chao
    Rahul Pandey
    Serg Radisic