Customer Success Story:
VASCO Worldwide

Streamlining modern travel for 14 million people: Jedox helps VASCO streamline modern travel for millions worldwide

VASCO Worldwide is an avant-garde travel service, providing travellers worldwide with a wide array of products and services, assuring comfort, a ffordability and security. VASCO helps over 14 million people annually with everything from VISA acquisition to finding the right backpack. VASCO needed a single point of truth, as their information was inconsistent, hindering growth. Their analysts were spending too much time reconciling data and too little time analysing. VASCO opted for Jedox, and now have a streamlined BI infrastructure that saves them weeks every year.

“Our users have enough time to analyse information, and get down into the root cause of a certain problem. They can find solutions immediately. They’ve gone from 90% of the time looking for information and 10% analysing to 10% looking for information and 90% analysing and acting on that information.” says Parasarthy Sivaraman, Director of Process Excellence at VASCO.

At a glance: 

  • Region: APAC, EMEA
  • Industry: Travel, Logistics
  • Department: Process Management
  • Solution: Consolidation of disparate data sources for analysis and visualization; User Access Management; Data Modeling; Business KPI analysis
  • System environment: Oracle, in-house Applicant Relationship Management, Human Resources Information, Point of Sales and Operating Systems
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