The Ultimate Guide for Chief Sales Officers: Conquering the Sales Planning Conundrum

What a CSO needs to succeed

Unlike other planning processes that are based on consistent factors, sales planning is subject to continual change. In today’s global markets, driven by volatile demand and serviced by increasingly distended and complex networks, that change is accelerating. Getting a handle on it is a very tough nut to crack.

How much can we sell? How big should our market be next year? These are critical questions because their answers drive revenue and help determine the number of people you need to employ and pay and how much material or goods you will need to purchase in the time ahead. Indeed, the volume of business drives nearly everything in an enterprise, and that volume is defined by sales.

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  • What a CSO needs to succeed

  • Proper Scope and Balance

  • Case in Point: Fiat

  • Performance Management Support

  • Simple Trumps Complex

  • Providing Comparative Values

  • Usage and Implementation

  • Top-Down vs. Bottom-Up

  • Flexibility to Accommodate Change

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