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Spotlight on the Future – AI for Sales Forecasting and Budgeting

Jedox Webinar

What will you learn:

  • How real-world customers are using AIssisted™ Planning to improve sales forecasting, budgeting and planning quality
  • Best practices for sales forecasting with AI: data quantity, quality & preparation, forecast hierarchies and more
  • Next-generation sales forecasting and predictions with external datasets and driver-based planning
  • Seamless integration of AIssisted™ Planning in the Jedox Enterprise Performance Management software
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Enhance the quality of sales forecast with AI and machine learning and create time savings through automation

A reliable sales forecast is important because it drives many business decisions, shaping the future of the organization. AI and predictive analytics can increase the quality of sales forecasts by detecting seasonalities and one-time events automatically and improving algorithms through continuous learning.
Jedox AIssisted™ Planning, the Jedox AI engine, provides a reliable baseline for planners and financial controllers and immediately highlights subjective biases in sales forecasts. Plus, AIssisted™ Planning enables significant time savings in the forecasting and budgeting cycles through decision support and automation.

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    Celine Furnanz
    Martin Overton
    Peter Strohm