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Reducing Costs, Increasing Benefits Gained & Minimizing Risks for Planning, Analysis and Reporting Processes

As the volume of data grows exponentially, today’s business users are faced with the task of compiling, processing, analyzing and evaluating large amounts of data in a short amount of time. The challenge is the same whether they are in accounting, logistics management, corporate and financial planning or risk management. Users are demanding more direct access to business data in order to make quicker decisions. Ideally, this would include not having to take a detour through the IT department. Self-Service Business Intelligence and Performance Management (SBIPM) solutions make this possible. With these specialized IT tools, business processes become more e fficient.

Planning, analysis and reporting can be carried out easily, quickly and independently by business users while saving costs at the same time. However, in order to implement SBIPM in a corporate environment, the following prerequisites must first be met: access to all data, distribution to all devices (mobile/web), access to all essential preceding systems, independence in performance management (among other areas), the guarantee of a data governance policy, competence in Excel and usability. Once these conditions have been met, the user can increase the quality of his BI decisions, thereby lowering costs, increasing benefits and minimizing risks.

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