SAP and Jedox: Integration made simple

Jedox extends SAP ERP with simpler planning, analysis and reporting. Smart, self-service functionality empowers business users and enables IT to deliver faster business benefits with less investment.

SAP provides broad enterprise software including functions for planning, analysis, and reporting. However configuring and using these applications is time-consuming and requires major IT support. This forces business users to ‘export to Excel’ and work offline in unstructured spreadsheets that have no security and no enterprise controls. Excel-based processes have significant hidden costs.

Download our free whitepaper and learn how Jedox extends SAP with an agile platform for forecasting, analytics and reporting. Jedox is a remarkably effective, and simple to use planning and analysis platform that is designed to empower business professionals: 

  1. Challenge I: SAP ERP is not agile for analysis and planning
  2. Challenge II: Excel-based processes contain hidden costs
  3. Solution: Extend SAP with powerful planning, effective analytics, and beautiful reporting
  4. How it works: The SAP Connector
  5. Get started: Results in one day
  6. Results I: Flexible reporting
  7. Results II: Real-time planning
  8. Flexible deployment: Your planning cloud
  9. SAP Connector fundamentals for IT professionals
  10. Business outcomes
  11. Real-world excellence in optimizing business processes with SAP


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