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Production Planning and Management on Its Way to Industry 4.0

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Production Intelligence: from traditional cost accounting to Big Data analysis

In industrial production, short-notice orders and uncertain revenue projections have become the new normal, and conventional production structures can
no longer keep up. The central challenge in the much discussed concept of Industry 4.0 is providing individual, customer-tailored solutions. As manufacturing slowly transitions towards Industry 4.0, the increased use of sensors and actuators in production infrastructure requires that more and more data be collected and processed. Studies agree that such data collection and analysis form the backbone of Industry 4.0 – but currently only 1 % of data collected during manufacturing is used. These data could, for example, be utilized for precise, software-assisted predictions of necessary maintenance intervals, leading to better machine use which could improve productivity by up to 30 %.

Business Intelligence instead of glorified guesswork in Excel

  • Conventional production structures can no longer keep up

  • Industry 4.0 is providing individual, customer-tailored solutions

  • Data processing in MS Excel leads to substantial problems

  • Unifying machine and ERP data

  • Data analysis for need-based maintenance

Download our free whitepaper and discover how Business intelligence (BI) allows companies to optimize not just single parameters – such as capacity, for
example – but to examine the entire production chain. In this way, information from the plant and from linked systems which record output, run times, down times, and error status can be combined with ERP data to get a comprehensive view of inventory, orders, and deadlines.