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Plan & Collect Data

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Automatically Collect Data and Plan Processes at a Low Expenditure

As an integrated solution, Performance Management controls the strategy, planning, budgeting, and the implementation of measures and o ffers comprehensive reporting functions.

Data usually originate from Performance Measurement and Business Intelligence systems that are rated as time-consuming by users, since the lion‘s share requires approximately 60% of the expenditure for data collection and preparation, leaving the critical value-adding analysis behind.

This is caused by error-prone and insu fficiently automated Excel processes that many companies continue to use to collect their data. Furthermore, coverage of many BI and PM tools must be regarded as defective because core processes and system requirements are partially or totally disregarded.

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Highlights of this Whitepaper

  • Holistic Management Through BI plus PM

  • Collecting Data – Trapdoors in Daily Routine

  • Data Circulation – Excel-based Planning Process

  • Requirements for a Performance Management solution

This whitepaper intends to demonstrate what Performance Management is really about, which processes it integrates and how they can be implemented.