On-Demand Webinars:

The Digital Pan-Australian FP&A Board: The Art and Science of xP&A Business Partnering

Jedox Webinar

What will you learn:

  • What is xP&A Business Partnering?

  • How a xP&A business partnering model looks (case study Microsoft)

  • Transformation journey and skillset required for xP&A Business Partnering

  • How modern technology can enhance and transform business partnering models?

  • Integrative intelligence in xP&A

There is a lot of hype these days about the concept of FP&A Business Partnering. At a time when the FP&A framework is being extended to the entire organisation (into Extended Planning & Analysis (xP&A)), FP&A Business Partnering need to keep up with this new model to stay relevant and cutting edge.

In the current highly uncertain business environment, an xP&A Business Partner needs to be equipped with defined skills and competencies that bridge business knowledge, analytical acumen, technology, and influence.

Latest technological advances also help enhance and transform FP&A frameworks. xP&A Business Partnering is now the latest trend that is going well beyond just Finance involving the entire organisation to move FP&A and planning to the next level.

  • Organizers

    FP&A Board and Jedox

  • Duration

    1,5 hours

  • Language


  • Speakers

    Kristina Otschik, Director Finance at Cummins Inc., Melbourne FP&A Board member
    Takeshi Murakami, Group Finance Manager / Controller at Microsoft, Tokyo FP&A Board member
    Connagh Hopkins, Head of Business Planning and Reporting at Western Power, Perth FP&A Board member
    Rahul Pandey, Principal Consultant – Asia at Jedox
    Himashi Soriano, Managing Director, APAC at Association for Financial Professionals (AFP)
    Hans Gobin, International FP&A Board Ambassador (Discussion Facilitator)