Webinar Recording:
How the Office of Finance Simplifies Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting

Jedox Webinar

What will you learn:

  • Combine the power of discovery with data-driven planning and easily model/run multiple scenarios

  • Transfer years of Excel experience to a modern planning solution with JedoxSmart Modeling

  • Discover preconfigured models for the Office of Finance for a fast and easy start with Jedox

  • The Evolution of Finance: Challenges and Opportunities

  • 7 Reasons to Change your Budgeting and Forecasting process

  • Meet Jedox – the Kick-Starter for Integrated Planning & Budgeting

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Become a Trusted Adviser with Data-Driven Planning

Whether consolidating or budgeting, data volumes and complexity make gaining insight difficult. When the Office of Finance loses time gathering and reconciling data with the help of spreadsheets, they can’t support fact-based decision making. You can’t be a strategic partner to your business. Maybe it’s time to stop relying on IT to build forecasting reports for you and wait weeks for them. Or maybe it’s time to augment or replace antiquated Business Intelligence tools that don’t deliver the ‘what-if’ and planning scenarios you need.

This webinar is for CFO’s, FP&As, and other finance professionals needing a better self-service tool for budgeting, planning, and forecasting – and those needing a spark to change current practices that are holding their company back.

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    48:42 min

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    Shannon Frassrand
    Laura Zachary
    Terry Kerans