Jedox Salesforce Integration

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Exact analytics. Precise planning. Sales success. Make your Salesforce smarter.

To be successful, organizations need to increase sales productivity, enhance customer engagement and strengthen customer relationships. A key component in guiding efficient sales, marketing and service processes is a consistent Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform.

Download our free whitepaper and learn how you can now seamlessly integrate Jedox and the Salesforce CRM platform to add agility and insight to customer relationship management. It’s a powerful performance enhancer that ensures your teams work smarter, not harder. You can now enhance Salesforce with Performance Management, for performance-driven sales reporting, and analytics. Advanced planning functionality empowers you to unify sales forecasts with corporate budgeting, planning and what-if scenarios.

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This Whitepaper will give you an overview on the following topics:

  • Your Salesforce, but smarter

  • A 360°-view of your customer

  • Use Salesforce Data in Jedox

  • Use Cases: Zimmer / EVER Neuro Pharma / Bluescope Lysaght

  • How it Works: Seamless Integration

  • Jedox BI in Salesforce for Competitive Advantage

  • Integrating Jedox and Salesforce: Key benefits

Discover how Salesforce + Jedox enables a 360° perspective of your client and customers, so you coordinate your sales activities more effectively and convert opportunities into closes faster.

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