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Jedox Planning for Salesforce

Jedox Webinar

What will you learn:

  • Align sales, finance and the rest of the business with integrated planning
  • Speed-up budgeting, forecasting and quota setting in Salesforce
  • Set quotas and track sales performance
  • Stay on the top of key account revenue and other deals

Improve Sales Productivity & Enterprise Performance

Jedox Planning for Salesforce allows sales leaders and finance to track sales performance against plan in real-time. It promotes collaborative sales planning, budgeting and forecasting, top-down and bottom-up on the salesforce platform. Quotas are broken down automatically for sales reps and they can see how they are doing at any point in time. Forecasts are improved with automated recommendations from the AI engine and flexible analysis and reporting. Get better insights and drive better decisions.

Discover how Jedox Planning for Salesforce helps your organization improve their sales productivity and achieve connected performance management across the business in our free on-demand webinar. Learn how a seamlessly integrated system supports one version of the truth, whether you use CRM, ERP, or other data sources.

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    24:26 min

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    Dominik Seebacher
    Matt Malette